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We specialize in two distinct Japanese hair straightening techniques: Yuko and Liscio treatments.


Learn more about each technique to find the perfect treatment tailored to your hair goals!

Specializing in Japanese Relaxer services, our skilled professionals offer individualized hair straightening treatments. Transform your curly, frizzy hair into sleek, frizz-free locks with the Japanese Relaxer method.

Since 1993, Japanese Relaxer has been the go-to for men and women wanting easy-to-maintain, beautifully straight hair. The process focuses on altering your hair's protein bonds, sealing in a straight shape that remains even after washing, leaving you with a shiny and silky finish.

The procedure takes a few hours to complete, depending on various factors like hair length, thickness, and condition. The straightening effect is permanent and will last until your hair naturally grows out. Four to six months down the line, any new growth can be easily touched up with another Japanese Relaxer session


We specialize in Yuko Japanese hair straightening, a permanent treatment that transforms frizzy, curly hair into smooth, straight locks.

Yuko Japanese hair straightening has been giving men and women beautiful, low-maintenance straight hair since 1993. The process works by altering the protein bonds in your hair and locking in a straight shape that stays even after washing, resulting in a shiny and silky finish.

The process lasts four to five hours depending on factors like the length, thickness, and condition of your hair. Straightening is permanent and will last until your hair grows out with touch-ups needed for regrowth after four to six months.


Specializing in Liscio Japanese Hair Straightening technique, we tailor each treatment to meet the unique needs of your hair. Transform unruly, curly tresses into smooth, healthy locks that are simple to manage.

Utilizing a blend of chemicals and heat, the Liscio method modifies and softens the structural bonds of your hair. The result is effortlessly straight hair that retains its natural vitality, making your day-to-day grooming a breeze.

The Liscio Japanese hair straightening procedure typically takes between three to four hours, depending on factors like the length, thickness, and condition of your hair. The straightened hair maintains its sleek appearance until new growth eventually comes in. At that point, around four to six months later, a touch-up session can seamlessly restore your look. 

Armando Pina Japanese Straightening Before & After


I started doing Yuko Japanese hair straightening with Armando back in 2012 and have done multiple with him since then. He does the best Yuko treatment in NYC and he is so good that people come from other states to get it done. I currently live in Boston and come down to NY for Yukos every 4 months because all of the fanciest salons in Boston on Newberry St don't even come close. If you want a world-class Yuko straightening that leaves your hair shiny, soft, and pin straight down to the root come here. Most other places I've done Yukos at don't get rid of the curl down to the root near the scalp and this is the biggest thing to look out for with high quality Yukos-- Armando does an excellent job down to the root that lasts for many months.
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